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Corporate Vision
Our Vision
To become a leading global Entertainment Company, providing our guests with a world-class experience exceeding all expectation.
Code of Conduct
To our Guests
Safety and sanitation We will make safety and sanitation our top priority, so as to provide worry-free enjoyment for our Park Guests.
Pursuit of quality We will continue to pursue better, higher quality services by listening with sincerity to the opinions of our Guests, and by reflecting those opinions when enhancing our operations.
Providing information We will provide our Guests with useful Park information in an accurate, prompt and easy-to-understand manner.
Entertainment All crewmembers will consider themselves to be entertainers, so as to enable our Guests to fully enjoy their experience of Universal Studios Japan™.
To our clients
Fair and equal business dealings We will conduct fair and equal business dealings with clients who provide superior products and services.
Best partner We will execute contracts with our clients in good faith, in order to build best-partner relationships of trust, respect and mutual growth.
To our crewmembers
Creating safe, clean and comfortable work environment We will provide a safe, clean and comfortable work environment for our crewmembers.
Respect for individuals and human rights We will strengthen teamwork by embracing diverse concepts of values, respecting each person and individual rights, and having compassion toward others.
We will welcome all input from our crewmembers, such as positive opinions, proposals, concerns etc.
Fair evaluation We will recognize, respect, and set as role models crewmembers that attain results.
To our shareholders
Disclosure of information We will appropriately disclose corporate information and clearly convey the company’s management policies to our shareholders in order to gain correct understanding and evaluation from them.
Increase in corporate value Driving shareholder value We will continue to improve and to aim for higher goals in order to increase our corporate value and driving stockholder value.
As a corporate citizen
Environmental considerations We will take environmental concerns into consideration at all times, and make constant efforts to conserve energy and resources, and recycle.
Accountability We will listen with humility to voices and opinions from society regarding our company, remain aware that accountability is required for our actions, and disclose information in an appropriate manner.
Contributions to the local community We will aim for harmonious coexistence and deeper exchange with the local community, so as to actively contribute to its development, and become its valued and supported neighbor.

CR Report 2022

CSR Report 2022

We have summarized U.S.J. LLC's community relations efforts in PDF format in order to make them known to as many people as possible.
Please download the document and take a look.

Download the PDF >

CR Report 2020 (Community Relations Report)>

Non-association with antisocial forces We will not associate with any antisocial forces and/or organizations that threaten the order and peace of society.
When faced with unreasonable demands from such forces/organizations, we will not give in, but will firmly confront them.
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