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History of Universal Studio Japan™
1994.12 Osaka Universal Planning Inc. is established in Minato-ku, Osaka to plan, research etc. for development and construction of large-scale theme park.
1996.02 Master agreement regarding planning, construction and operation of theme park “Universal Studios Japan™” is concluded with American corporation MCA Inc. (current Universal Studios Inc.)
1996.03 Based on above master agreement, company name changed to USJ Co., Ltd.
1997.04 Head office moved to Suminoe-ku, Osaka.
1998.03 Licensing agreement (final contract) regarding planning, construction and operation of “Universal Studios Japan™” is concluded with Universal Group companies, including American corporation Universal Studios Inc.
1998.10 Construction of “Universal Studios Japan™” commences in Konohana-ku, Osaka.
2001.01 Head office moved to Konohana-ku, Osaka.
2001.03 Theme park “Universal Studios Japan™” opens.
2002.04 Attraction “Hollywood Premier Parade(TM)” introduced. (Ended August 2004)
2003.04 Attraction “Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic(TM)” introduced.
2003.06 Attraction “Shrek’s 4-D Adventure(TM)” introduced.
2004.01 Attraction “The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man(TM) - The Ride” introduced.
2005.04 Attraction “Happy Harmony Celebration” introduced.
2006.04 Attraction “Peter Pan’s Neverland” introduced.
2006.07 “Land of Oz” area and musical show “WiCKED” introduced.
2006.08 Amended licensing agreement (amended and revised final contract) regarding planning, construction and operation of theme park “Universal Studios Japan™” concluded with American corporation Vivendi Universal Entertainment LLLP, successor to rights and obligations of Universal Studios Inc., and other Universal Group companies.
2007.03 Attraction “Hollywood Dream - The Ride” introduced.
2007.03 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.
2009.05 SG Investments completes TOB.
2009.09 Delisted on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.
2010.02 Merger complete with SG Investments as surviving company absorbing USJ Co., Ltd, trade name of surviving company changed to USJ Co., Ltd on the same day.
2010.03 Attraction “Space Fantasy - The Ride” introduced.
2012.03 New area “Universal Wonderland” opens.
2013.03 Attraction “Hollywood Dream - The Ride - Backdrop-” renewed.
2013.07 Attraction “The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride 4K3D” renewed.
2014.07 New area “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™” opens.
2015.11 Comcast NBCUniversal acquires a controlling interest.
2016.03 Attraction “The Flying Dinosaur” introduced.
2017.04 USJ becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comcast NBCUniversal.
2017.04 New area “Minion Park” opens.
2018.05 “Universal Spectacle Night Parade ~The Best of Hollywood~” introduced.
2018.10 Company name changed to USJ LLC.
2019.04 Musical Attraction “ SING ON TOUR” introduced.
2021.03 New area “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™” opens.
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