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Park First Merry-Go-Round “Magical Oz-Go-Round”
Grand Opening Set for July 19 (Thu.), 2007!
May 25, 2007 Click
Magical Oz-Go-Round
Universal Studios Japan(TM) First Merry-Go-Round “Magical Oz-Go-Round”
Grand Opening Set for July 19 (Thu.), 2007!
Enjoy a dreamy trip together, riding on unique and adorable animal characters
in the Land of Oz on a large-sized merry-go-round adorned with 32 giant shining emeralds
May 25 (Fri.), 2007
Universal Studios Japan(TM) has been advancing preparations for the “Magical Oz-Go-Round” merry-go-round within the “Land of Oz” area with opening eyed for sometime in mid July 2007. The grand opening has now been set for July 19 (Thu.), 2007.
About “Magical Oz-Go-Round”
“Magical Oz-Go-Round” (image drawing)
“Magical Oz-Go-Round” (image drawing)
The “Magical Oz-Go-Round,” which will be the Park’s first merry-go-round attraction since its opening, will be newly established in the “Land of Oz,” an area based on the theme of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” The “Magical Oz-Go-Round” is designed in green and gold colors to match the image of an area that opens a magical door to an exceptional and wonderful world unlike any other in Universal Studios Japan(TM). Thirty-two giant emeralds are attached to the roof and the center pole. In addition, the gold colored symbol “OZ” on the roof is shining so as to make the “Land of Oz” even more unique and delightful.

Guests can climb aboard zebras, pandas, rabbits, elephants wearing crowns and other very unique, lovely and fantastically-colored animal characters that move up and down, while rotating round and round in tune with rhythmical music at the “Magical Oz-Go-Round,” to join Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion for a pleasant journey to the Emerald City. With no height restrictions to ride the merry-go-round, this will be an attraction that even guests with small children can enjoy at ease.

After sundown, over 2,000 lights on this merry-go-round will be shining brilliantly and guests can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere which is totally different from that in daytime.

In commemoration of the opening of the “Magical Oz-Go-Round,” kids’ T-shirts featuring animal designs (2,600 yen) will be available for purchase from the “Munchkin Market” shop in the “Land of Oz” starting mid-July. Moreover, the “Munchkin Kitchen” restaurant will add “Merry-Go-Round Mousse” (450 yen), a fluffy strawberry mousse topped with cute melon cream and pastel-colored toppings, to its menu from July 11.
Overview of “Magical Oz-Go-Round”
Venue In front of “Emerald Theater” in the “Land of Oz”
Size Approximately 15 meters in diameter and 9 meters in height
Duration Approximately 2 minutes
Maximum Capacity 71 people
No. of Mounts 56
Types of Mounts Animal characters that seat one person: 14 types
(zebra, rabbit, bear, panda, ostrich, goat, frog, cat, giraffe, chicken, pig, 2 kinds of horses, and an elephant wearing a crown)

Chariots that seat four persons: 1 type
(mount shaped like benches with Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion designs)
Investment about 200 million yen
*The “Magical Oz-Go-Round” new attraction will be sponsored by fls Co., LTD. (Head Office: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture; Representative Director: Hideki Aramaki) as a new Corporate Marketing Partner.
In the year 2007, Universal Studios Japan(TM) will present a series of new world-class entertainment filled with “Dreams” in its commitment to become a place that can provide special memories such as where the ambitions and dreams envisioned by guests are fulfilled. Moreover, Universal Studios Japan(TM) hopes to offer all guests with heart-throbbing moments, deeply-moving sensations, delightful pleasures where guests will find they just cannot help but smile and other experiences full of “wonder” and “imagination” more than ever before.

At the Park, “Hollywood Dream - The Ride,” a roller coaster offering new sensations that opened in March, is drawing great popularity. Furthermore, a schedule of entertaining special events linked to new movies will be held, such as “Spider-Man 3 Movie Festival”(April 19 to July 1) and “Shrek 3 Special Event”(June 7 to August 31). The Park's first merry-go-round, “Magical Oz-Go-Round,” is also set to open in July within the “Land of Oz” area that is based on the theme of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
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