Universal Express™ Pass 4 ~The Flying Dinosaur~

Experience the top 4 must-see attractions at the Studios!
Price :from 4,815 yen (5,200 yen with tax) -

* Prices may differ depending on the date

■Universal Express™ Pass 4 ~The Flying Dinosaur~ Attractions

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ Timed Entry Ticket is
included with Universal Express™ Pass 4 ~The Flying Dinosaur~

1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™

  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™

2. The Flying Dinosaur

  • The Flying Dinosaur

* Usage restrictions are in place. See here for details.

3. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride 4K3Dor
Hollywood Dream – The Ride

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride 4K3D
  • Hollywood Dream – The Ride

4. JAWS™or
Terminator 2:3-D®or

  • JAWS™
  • Terminator 2:3-D®
  • Backdraft™

■Notices ※Cannot be used for Hollywood Dream - The Ride -Backdrop-.
※One booklet per person is required.
※Please note that cancellations will not be accepted for individual purchases.

※A separate admission ticket is required to enter the park.
※Attractions may be closed on certain days for maintenance.
※Each Express Pass for closed attractions allows you to experience one of the designated attractions.
※Operation of attractions is subject to change without prior notice or liability.
※Not applicable if the attraction is separately ticketed for special operations or hours.

■ The Flying Dinosaur - Precautions
  • The Flying Dinosaur is a roller coaster that features rapid acceleration, ascents, descents, and sudden turns.
  • Guests must be between 132cm and 198cm to ride this attraction.

Other - PrecautionsOpen

  • Guests will not be admitted if they suffer from conditions that could be aggravated by taking part in this attraction, cannot maintain the proper seating position, cannot use the seat due to their build, cannot firmly attach the restraints, or are wearing a cast.
  • Guests matching any of the following will not be admitted:
  • Guests with heart disease or blood pressure abnormality, guests with back, neck, hip, or spinal disorders, expectant mothers, guests with motion sickness or vertigo, guests with poor physical health, guests suffering from a fear of heights, guests suffering from claustrophobia
  • Wheelchair or electric wheelchair users will be required to switch to the seats used within the attraction.
  • Remove glasses before boarding the ride.
  • Please speak to a crew member if you are wearing a prosthetic limb or a wig.
  • The ride will pass through darkness at certain points. Please speak to a crew member if this is a concern.
  • Baggage/carried items may not be brought onto the ride. Please store cameras, video cameras, or any other carried possessions on the shelves, or ask a member of your group not using the attraction to hold on to them for you.