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Rules & Manners

Thank you for helping us keep the park safe and secure.

Taking photos or videos of areas under construction or remodeling is not allowed.

Sharing areas that are under construction or remodeling (behind the fencing) with the public by taking photos or videos, through social media, or by other means is not allowed.
Thank you for understanding.

Admission tickets, except for Annual Studio Passes, do not grant re-entry to the park after exiting.
* Guests using the Parking, Picnic Area, Kennel, or other facilities outside the park are asked to take the re-entry policy into account.

Baggage inspections

To ensure that all guests can enjoy Universal Studios Japan safely, we perform baggage inspections at the park entrance.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • - All hand luggage (bags) brought into the park will be inspected for its contents and weighed.
  • - Please be prepared to place your bag on the inspection table with all contents visible.
    * Please remove your backpacks and place them on the inspection table.
  • - To ensure a smooth inspection process, please abide by the crew's guidance. You may be refused entry to the park if you fail to cooperate.
Prohibited Items

Large luggage such as carry cases

Carry cases (suitcases, trunks, and similar large luggage), luggage carts, vehicles, etc
* Includes carts used to carry people.
Please use the coin-operated lockers to store your cases. We cannot be entrusted with luggage that does not fit the coin-operated lockers. Please check locker sizes before visiting the park.

Large coin-operated lockers
W 357 mm (14") x D 453 mm (18") x H 802 mm (12.5")

* Large coin-operated lockers are placed outside of the park only.
* For more information about coin-operated lockers, refer to the Service Guide.

Blades, explosives, and weapons

Blades (scissors, box-cutters, etc.), explosives, weapons (guns, swords, rifles, handcuffs, water guns, sprayers, etc., including imitations, toys, and home-made objects), items that are generally considered dangerous, and items that could harm other guests
* Does not include items sold within the park

Outside meals and beverages

Food (including lunch boxes) • Canned or bottled beverages • Alcoholic beverages, etc.
* Baby food and snacks for small children, thermoses, and plastic bottles (up to one 500 ml bottle per person) may be brought into the park.
* Food can be eaten at the picnic area before entering the park. For more information about the picnic area, refer to the Service Guide.
* Guests with dietary restrictions may consult with the crew about bringing food and beverage into the park.
Refer to "Guests with food allergies"(Japanese) for details.

Monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks

For safety reasons, the use of monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks will be prohibited in the park starting November 13, 2019.

Camera accessories that fit within the palm of your hand may be used with one hand as long as you do not hold them above your head.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones, remote control vehicles, etc.)

The flying of unmanned aerial vehicles within the park is a violation of aviation law.
* A breach of the Aviation Law concerning unmanned aerial vehicles requires payment of a fine of up to 500,000 yen.
Items that cannot be brought into the park may be deposited in the coin-operated lockers.
* For more information about coin-operated lockers, refer to the Service Guide.

Pets and Animals

Please take pets and animals (excluding assistance dogs such as guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs) to the kennels.
* For more information about kennels, refer to the Service Guide.

Smoking Areas

Smoking is prohibited within attractions, restaurants, and shops, as well as while walking or waiting for an attraction. Smoking is only permitted in locations with ashtrays.This includes electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Please refrain from smoking outside of the established locations, even if you have brought a portable ashtray.
* For ashtray locations, refer to the park map.

Regarding Photography in the Park

To ensure that all guests can enjoy the park comfortably, photography is prohibited in the following cases.

  • - For safety reasons, photography while riding an attraction is prohibited.
  • - To prevent spoilers, photography of quiz content and answers is prohibited.
  • - For safety and technical concerns, flash photography in restricted locations is prohibited.
  • - Photography in non-public areas such as areas under construction or renovation is prohibited.
  • - To prevent possible copyright infringement, photography for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • - Live streaming or similar filming is prohibited.
  • - Photography/filming activities that involve calling out to a large number of other guests, as this may bother other guests.

The above are examples.
If the crew determines that your behavior is bothering other guests, risks damage to facilities, or compromises the safety of the crew and/or entertainers, you may be asked to stop.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

About Posting/Publicization of Images

Please be aware that we will not be held responsible for any trouble that arises from making any photos and videos in which unrelated guests appear public.

Restricted Item Usage
  • - Flags and armhands(including use for guidance)
  • - Hand microphone,whistles,etc.

The park welcomes guests who want to enjoy wearing various types of costumes and attire.
However, if we identify that any of the following rules and restrictions are being violated, you may be asked to leave or be prevented from entering the park to ensure that the other guests may enjoy the park safety and security.
For your safety, you may be asked to remove part of your attire or accessories before participating in some attractions.
Please be aware that guests may not be admitted to some attractions depending on their costumes.

The following items are prohibited:

  • - Costumes that may offend public order and morals or violate laws regarding public decency (such as tattoos and excessive skin exposure deemed unfit for the park)
  • - Headgear, prosthetic makeup (including makeup that conceals part of the face, like the eyes, nose, or mouth), full-face masks, or other masks and helmets (of any shape) that hide the entirety of the face or more than half of the face may not be worn into or applied and worn within the park. (This excludes toys, services, etc., sold within the park.)
  • - Attire and accessories that may pose a danger to other guests or crew members.
  • - For the purpose of crime prevention within the park, attire that has the possibility of inciting trouble
  • - Makeup that could stick to other guests, crew members, or park facilities.
  • - Impersonating crew members or performers through speech or action.
  • - Behaving dangerously in ways that hinder the operation of attractions and shows, frightening other guests, or otherwise disruptive behavior.
  • - Photography or filming that may be disruptive to other guests, occupying an operational space for a long period of time, changing costumes inside bathrooms, or blocking mirror spaces for makeup application.
  • - Costumes or makeup that may scare other guests (especially children) in Universal Wonderland.
Roller Shoes

For safety reasons, the use of roller shoes is prohibited. If you would like to enter the park wearing roller shoes, the wheels must be removed or retracted. The park is not responsible for any accidents that may occur as a result of the use of roller shoes.

Prohibited Behavior
  • - Assembly, speeches, unauthorized commercial transactions or advertising (including photography) and any photography or public communication that may be disruptive to other guests
    * You may be asked to leave the park or be prohibited from entering the park.
  • - Studio Passes will not be refunded and no compensations will be made for losses or damages sustained by disruptive behavior.
  • - Park entry to anyone who may become disruptive.
  • - Disruptive behavior in the queue of an attraction or show.
  • - Cutting lines to join groups.
    * Make sure groups are together before getting in line.
  • - Eating or drinking inside attractions.
  • - Feeding wild birds inside the park
  • - Saving spots with belongings, chairs, etc.
    * Items left unattended may be removed.
  • - Publicizing (e.g. on social media) pictures or videos of areas under construction or renovation.

The consumption of alcohol by minors and drivers is prohibited by law. We may confirm your age when you order.