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General Services

Guest Services

The following services are available at Guest Services.
・Studio Guides for non-Japanese speakers (English, Chinese, and Korean)
・Lost & found ・Message service ・Currency exchange (US dollar cash and Japanese yen travelers’ checks only)
・Postal service (ordinary mail only) ・Transportation information (bus, train, ferry) ・Information for guests with disabilities ・Other information

■ Location
To the left of the entrance

First Aid

Located inside the entrance on the right. First aid treatment by a healthcare professional is available.

■ Location
To the right of the entrance

Smoking Area

To ensure the safe enjoyment of all guests, the park (including the areas in front of the main gates and parking lot) has separate smoking and non-smoking areas. Please smoke (including electronic cigarette) only in designated areas where there are ashtrays. Note that ashtrays may be temporarily removed or moved for guest safety when the park is crowded.

Studio Information

Check studio information boards for current show times and attraction waiting times.

■ Location
In front of Mel's Drive-in
Near the bridge connecting the Jurassic Park™ and San Francisco zones


Family Services

Family Services

Facilities for breastfeeding, baby feeding and diaper changing are available. Also equipped with hot water dispensers and microwaves for preparing baby formula or baby food.

■ Location
Located next to Guest Services/Inside Universal Wonderland

Diaper Changing Tables

Total of 37 units installed. Disposable diapers can be disposed of here.

■ Location
One unit installed in each of 16 men's / ladies' restrooms inside the park (except in the restaurant restrooms).

Baby Food

Baby food for babies aged between 7 and 12 months old is sold here.

■ Location
- Snoopy's™ Backlot Café
- Studio Stars Restaurant

Missing Children Center

Meeting point for lost children (under 12 years) and their parents or guardians.

■ Location
Located in Guest Services

Baby Carriage Rental

Located at the counter inside the entrance on the right.

  • ¥1,100 each (single seater, tax included)

* Rental strollers are for children up to three years old (under four years old).
* Rental strollers are not for children above the age of 4.
* Availability is limited.
* Handling details and rental fees are subject to change without notice.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

■ Location
Counter to the right of the entrance


For Expectant Mothers

Some attractions have specific requirements regarding expectant mothers. Please read the Attraction Requirements on the next page (right).

Child Switch

The Child Switch system enables guests with children/companions who do not meet an attraction’s height or other requirements to take turns and enjoy the attraction without waiting in line again.
For details, please ask a crew member at the attraction.


Barrier-Free Guide


All restrooms are wheelchair-accessible.
Some are equipped with extra space for guests with special requirements.

■ Location
Provided throughout each area.

Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchair Rental
Located at the counter inside the entrance on the right. (Wheelchair)

  • ¥500 each (tax exempt)
  • Stainless steel with handbrake
  • Size (approx.): Back 100 cm, height (floor to seat) 44 cm, width 64 cm

* Availability is limited.
* Handling details and rental fees are subject to change without notice.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

■ Location
Counter to the right of the entrance


Support Sticker

For guests with disabilities

For guests with hearing disabilities

Our crew will approach and help guests who have this sticker on their chests or other visible location.
When approached by a member of the crew, please let them know about any questions or difficulties you may have. Support Stickers are available at Guest Services for anyone who wishes to use them.
* Support Stickers do not provide any privileges such as priority admission to attractions.
We appreciate your understanding.

Guest Support Pass

Information on changes to the criteria for issuing Guest Support Passes

The issuing criteria for the Guest Support Pass changed on May 15, 2019.

If you have a disability that prevents you from being able to wait in line and you possess a Disability Certificate, you can use a Guest Support Pass.
You can spend the attraction waiting time in places other than the waiting line. Please speak to a crew member if you wish to acquire a Guest Support Pass. Please be aware that these passes are for reserving an admission time, not for priority admission.

  • Guests with a disability that prevents them from being able to wait in line who possess a Disability Certificate
  • * The name of the applicant and the number of people in the applicant's party (up to 6) are printed on the ticket.
    Please arrive with all members of your party when getting a Guest Support Pass issued and when using attractions with the pass.
Items Required for Issuing a Guest Support Pass
  • Disability Certificate: A document to verify a disability that is considered valid by Universal Studios Japan
  • A Studio Pass for each member of your group that is valid for the same day the Guest Support Pass is issued
Issuing Locations
  • Guest Services and the entrance to each attraction
  • * Please arrive at the issuing area with your entire group.
Other Conditions for Issuance
  • 1 Guest Support Pass can be used for a maximum of 6 people (including the applicant)
  • Please present your Disability Certificate at the issuing location
  • A Guest Support Pass will not be issued if we are unable to verify your Disability Certificate
  • If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to wait in line for long periods of time but are not in possession of a Disability Certificate, consult the crew at the attraction you wish to use
Making Reservations at Attractions After Receiving the Pass
  • To make a reservation, arrive at the attraction entrance and show your Guest Support Pass to a member of the attraction's crew with all the members of your group present. A crew member will explain the features and usage requirements of the attraction.
  • * If you would like to cancel your reservation or change the number of people in your party, please notify the crew of the attraction for which you have reserved.
Please note:
  • When you have a reservation for an attraction, you will be treated as if you were waiting in line for the attraction for which you reserved. You may not use other attractions during the waiting period.
  • Usage requirements have been established for the attractions. Even if guests have obtained a Guest Support Pass, they must meet all attraction requirements to use an attraction.
  • For safety reasons, we ask that guests requiring support and accompanying guests use the attractions in pairs (of 1 guest requiring support and 1 accompanying guest). If there are fewer accompanying guests than guests requiring support, we may ask that 1 pair uses the attraction while the other guests wait for their turn. Please be aware that there are no crew members stationed in the waiting area.
  • Please be aware that we may limit admission to attractions depending on waiting time or capacity.

Ride Restrictions Card

The Ride Restrictions Card is given to guests who have items such as headwear or wigs that cannot be removed due to physical or religious reasons, and who wish to use attractions where there are restrictions on wearing accessories or other such items.
If you wish to receive a Ride Restrictions Card, or if you have any questions about how to use the card, please consult with the attraction crew members below.

Issuing Locations
  • Hollywood Dream -The Ride -Backdrop-/Hollywood Dream –The Ride/Space Fantasy –The Ride /The Flying Dinosaur/Jurassic Park – The Ride /Snoopy's Great Race™/Flight of the Hippogriff™

For guests using baby strollers or buggies as wheelchairs

We distribute identification tags to allow baby strollers or buggies to be handled in the same way as wheelchairs at viewing areas, etc. for attractions and shows.

Distribution Areas
  • Attraction entrances/Guest Services lobby/Wheelchair and stroller rental


Convenient Services

Pet Care Facility

We look after your pets while you enjoy the park. However, please note that we do not feed them for you.
Identification (driver's license or insurance card, etc.) is required when registering.

■ Location
Outside of the main gate (to parking lot)

Express Mail Service (EMS) / Home Delivery

Deliver items purchased at Universal Studios Japan to the address you specify within Japan. EMS service is also available for delivery to some overseas areas. For details, please ask a crew member. (Charged parcel delivery service)

Sponsored by Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Coin Lockers

Large and extra-large lockers are only available outside the park.
Please store large items in these lockers before you enter the park.

* Some lockers may be unavailable. Please ask a nearby crew member for details.
Items stored after park hours will be removed and kept with park personnel.Removed items can be recovered at Guest Services the next day.(Please note that a fee is incurred for after-hours storage and lost keys. )

  • S: Small (width 357mm x depth 453mm x height 398mm) ¥400
  • M: Medium (width 357mm x depth 453mm x height 533mm) ¥600
  • L: Large (width 357mm x depth 453mm x height 802mm) ¥1,000
  • XL: Extra Large (width 536mm x depth 617mm x height 926mm) ¥1,500
  • Multiple Time Use (width 360mm x depth 425mm x height 300mm) ¥400

* Multiple Time Use lockers charge ¥500 but return ¥100 after use.

■ Location

  • Inside Park
    1. On the right after going through main entrance (M, S)
    2. In front of Universal Wonderland restrooms (Multiple Time Use)
  • Outside Park
    3. On the left when entering Universal City Station (L, M, S)
    4. On the right after entering park from parking area gate (L, M, S)
    5. Next to kennel (XL)


Other Services

Tax-free shopping

Universal Studios Japan offers tax-free services to visitors from overseas.
Our Tax Refund Counter is located in Studio Gift West.

  • Applies to foreign tourists staying in Japan for less than six months
  • Tourists are required to present a valid passport.
  • Confectionary and other consumable goods: total amount: 5,000 yen to 500,000 yen (without tax)
  • Souvenirs (not including confectionary): total amount: 5,000 yen and higher (without tax)
  • The total tax refund is 6.7%. We receive 3.3% of the total purchasing price of duty-free products as a handling charge (starting January 14, 2020)

* The following items are not included: Studio Pass, Express Pass, foods, souvenir items such as popcorn buckets, photo service, postage stamps, and home delivery service.
* The product(s) purchased along with their receipts (tax free service will only be offered if both item and receipt are presented)
* Products cannot be returned or exchanged after filling out tax free paperwork.
* Tax free service will end at the planned park closing time for the day, so please visit the tax free counter as soon as possible. Ask a nearby crew member regarding the planned closing time for the day. Please note that procedures may take longer after 4 pm.

Single Rider

Guests can use this service to shorten waiting time by taking separate seats on the ride. This service is not available on certain days or at certain hours during the day.
For availability and other requirements, please ask a crew member at the attraction.

ATM Machines

There are two ATMs located within the park (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and AEON Bank).

■ Location
The AEON Bank ATM is located in The Darkroom (within the park), and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ ATM is located on the left-hand side after going through the entrance (also within the park).

Credit Card / Cash Card

VISA, JCB, MasterCard and AEON Card credit cards and China UnionPay cash card are accepted at selected facilities within the park.

■ Location
Each facility inside the park (Please note that some facilities do not accept credit cards.)

Currency Exchange

An Automatic exchanger is located outside the entrance on the left.
US dollar and 4 other currencies can be exchanged.
Exchangeable currencies are displayed on the machine.

Electronic Money

Electronic money “WAON” “iD” “QUICPay” are accepted. (Please note that some facilities do not accept electronic money.)

Picnic Area

Rest area, free for all to use

■ Location
Outside of the main gate (near the parking lot)


For guests who carry suitcase or roller bag.
Large/extra large-sized lockers are located outside the Park.
Please note that there is no large/extra large-sized locker inside the Park.