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QR code nullification of resale tickets

In order to prevent resellers from buying up tickets to resell them at inflated prices, and to guarantee that guests can enjoy the Park at reasonable prices, Universal Studios Japan™ strictly prohibits the reselling of tickets in accordance with the Terms of Use of our Official Web Ticketing Store.

Any act of resale, including transactions on ticket agency sites or internet auctions, is considered a violation of the Terms of Use. For all tickets purchased from Universal Studios Japan™ by the violator (not limited to resale tickets) dated Sunday, November 1, 2015 or later, the following measures will be applied:

  1. QR codes on all Universal Studios Japan™ tickets that the violator purchased from the Web Ticketing Store will be nullified.
  2. Any third party who purchases tickets from violators will not be able to enter the Park or use any of its attractions using those tickets. (The violators themselves will not be allowed access either.)

Universal Studios Japan™ assumes no responsibility for any loss or trouble caused by resale tickets purchased from online ticket agencies, online auctioning sites, or other entities. Universal Studios Japan™ will not offer any compensation or refunds for the nullified tickets. Please contact the reseller for such requests.

Furthermore, Universal Studios Japan™ plans to request online ticket agencies and auctioning sites who are authorizing the resale of tickets to suspend these transactions, and to apply the same policy regarding ticket resales.

If the reseller continues to violate the terms, Universal Studios Japan™ may report to the police in accordance with the anti-nuisance ordinance of each prefecture. Moreover, continuing to resell tickets while knowing that those tickets will be invalid may be considered as acts of fraud.