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Take a chance at excitement!
Experienced by over a hundred million people(*) around the world! You'll be breathless throughout this hugely popular attraction show as a series of tremendous stunts like the ones seen in the movies unfolds just before your eyes. With the enhanced sound effects you'll imagine you're in the middle of the action with explosions and gunfire. Find yourself in the middle of an intense battle on water!
Guest experience : Approx. 20 minutes
Area :


This sea floating fortress is called "the atoll."
Now that land has become completely submerged due to catastrophic global warming, the atoll is a safe haven. A massive wall protects its residents from the Smokers who live on the other side, a gang of ruthless pirates led by the evil ruler Deacon. The two gangs fight one another, both in search of the legendary Dryland continent.
As a rule of the floating fortress, cheer on the inhabitants and boo Deacon to avoid getting drenched!
Just when things look rough, the Mariner appears, the only man with a chance of beating Deacon!
What will come of the battle for Dryland?

*: Based on annual park attendance totals since the opening of “WaterWorld” at Universal Studios' three global locations (company research as of October 2017). For the period between 1995 and 2007 in which attendance numbers at Universal Studios Hollywood were unclear, the lowest numbers from 2008 forward were used.

Ride and height requirements for all attractions

Guests using wheelchairs
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Guests with assistance dogs (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog)
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Attraction Requirements

Guest experience: Approx. 20 minutes
Capacity: 3220 persons
(including 120 standing spots and 22 spaces for wheelchairs/ECVs)

※Please note that depending on your seat location, you may experience splashing of water while experiencing this attraction.

◆Special Effects
Fog, smoke, effects using fire, water, loud sounds
※Persons with conditions aggravated by these special effects cannot use this attraction.

◆For Your Safety
In case of emergency
A crew member will give you instructions for an emergency exit.
Supervising companion (※ )may be required for an emergency exit.

◆Guests requiring supervising companions
- Guests that may experience difficulty following emergency procedures
- Guests with impaired vision

◆Guests who should not use the attraction
Persons with any of the following conditions: (1) respiratory diseases, (2) new born babies, and (3) hypersensitivity to noises.