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Shrek’s 4-D Adventure™

Shrek’s 4-D Adventure™


An original story where you journey with Shrek®.
Enter a 4D world experienced with all five senses!
An original story you can only experience here, born from DreamWorks' Academy Award® winning film "Shrek®."Go on a new thrilling adventure with Shrek and Donkey! It is a world of 4D, created by adding new dimensional special effect to a 3D movie.
Guest experience : Approx. 25 minutes
Area :

Ride and height requirements for all attractions

Guests using wheelchairs
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Guests with assistance dogs (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog)
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Attraction Requirements

Guest experience: Approx. 25 minutes
Capacity: 324 persons
(including 4 spaces for wheelchairs/ECVs)

※Please note that you may experience splashing of water while using this attraction.

◆Special Effects
Strobes, water, soap bubbles, loud sounds, pitch black, 3D effects, scents, seat movement
※Guests with health conditions that may be aggravated by these may not use the attraction.

◆For Your Safety
In case of emergency
A crew member will give you instructions for an emergency exit.
A supervising companion (※) may be required for an emergency exit.

◆Guests requiring supervising companions
- Guests that may experience difficulty following emergency procedures
- Guests with impaired vision

◆Guests who should not use the attraction
Persons with any of the following conditions: (1) heart conditions, (2) back, neck, or similar conditions, (3) respiratory diseases, (4) convulsions or spasms, (5) motion sickness, (6) hypersensitivity to noise, (7) dizziness, (8) sensitive skin, (9) expectant mothers, (10) unable to sit up unassisted, and (11) newborn babies.

Child Switch

The Child Switch system enables guests with children/companions who do not meet an attraction’s height or other requirements to take turns and enjoy the attraction without waiting in line again. For details, please ask a crew member at the attraction.