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Space Fantasy – The Ride

Space Fantasy – The Ride
Presented by NTT DoCoMo, INC.


Speed freely amongst beautiful stars.
Embark on an adventure through space, full of a sense of freedom.
Fly away from the earth on a spaceship to go on an adventure to save the sun! A ride that speeds freely amongst Earth, Saturn, other amazingly beautiful planets and comets, while dodging asteroids blocking your way. The spaceship zooms across the majesty of space, and with a sense of freedom reaches climax of the adventure. The spaceship plunges straight into the sun, in order to bring its radiance back.
Guest experience : Approx. 10 minutes
Area :

Ride and height requirements for all attractions

Height Requirement
You must be at least 122 cm tall (102 cm if accompanied by a supervising companion).
※This attraction admits guests in pairs when boarding the vehicle.
For each guest who is between 102 cm and 122 cm tall, one supervising companion is required to board together.
Guests using wheelchairs
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Guests with assistance dogs (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog)
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Attraction Requirements

Guest experience: Approx. 10 minutes
Capacity: 8 persons

◆Special Effects
・Fog, smoke, strobes, loud noises, pitch black
・Sudden movements, rapid acceleration, sudden upturns, abrupt stops, abrupt falls, wild turns
※Persons with conditions aggravated by these special effects cannot use this attraction.

◆For Your Safety
In an emergency situation you may need to climb up and down the stairs or walk a long distance through a narrow passage by yourself (※) or with your supervising companion. Also, in such a circumstance you may need to wait for a long period of time inside the vehicle.
※'By yourself' means you are able to walk without assistance of others.

◆Guests requiring supervising companions
- Guests using wheelchairs
- Guests with mental disabilities
- Guests with impaired vision
- Guests experiencing difficulty using stairs or getting in/off the vehicle

※ This attraction admits guests in pairs when boarding the vehicle. Any guests mentioned above will require one supervising companion for each to board together.

◆Guests who should not use the attraction
Persons with any of the following conditions: (1) a physical build not compatible with the seats, (2) unable to secure the body by the safety bar, (3) expectant mothers, (4) heart conditions, (5) blood pressure abnormalities, (6) back, neck, or similar conditions, (7) spinal diseases, (8) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, (9) wearing unfixed aids or artificial organs, and (10) newborn babies.

◆The following guests are asked to consult the attraction crew.
・Guests with acrophobia (fear of heights), nyctophobia (fear of pitch black) or claustrophobia
・Guests with hypersensitivity to sudden/loud noises or strobes, etc.
・Guests suffering from respiratory diseases or symptoms such as dizziness, etc.
・Guests wearing an artificial limb
・Guests with physical disabilities
・Guests suffering from motion sickness
・Guests suffering from lack of sleep or poor physical condition
・Guests suffering from convulsions or spasms
・Guests under treatment of a bone fracture
・Guests wearing a cast

◆The following guests can use the attraction.
- Guests who can get in/off the vehicle with or without the support of their supervising companions
- Guests who can hold on to the safety bar and remain seated upright at all times
- Guests who can endure the violent movements of roller coasters
- Guests with impaired vision are assisted with reconfirmation of instructions by the crew.
※For those guests with impaired vision, a crew member will explain the attraction experience in details.

Universal Express Pass

The Universal Express Pass shortens your waiting time for designated popular attractions!

Single Rider

Guests can use this service to shorten waiting time by taking separate seats on the ride. This service is not available on certain days or at certain hours during the day. For availability and other requirements, please ask a crew member at the attraction.

Child Switch

The Child Switch system enables guests with children/companions who do not meet an attraction’s height or other requirements to take turns and enjoy the attraction without waiting in line again. For details, please ask a crew member at the attraction.