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Animation Celebration®

Animation Celebration®
Woody Woodpecker® pops out of the screen and zips around!A wonderous blend of animation and reality that will make your heart dance.
Guest experience : Approx. 20 minutes
Area :

Ride and height requirements for all attractions

Guests using wheelchairs
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Guests with assistance dogs (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog)
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Attraction Requirements

Guest experience: Approx. 20 minutes
Capacity: 300 persons
(including 2 spaces for wheelchairs/ECVs)

◆Special Effects
Strobes, loud sounds, pitch black,
※Guests with health conditions that may be aggravated by these may not use the attraction.

◆For Your Safety
In case of emergency
A crew member will give you instructions for an emergency exit.
Supervising companion (※) may be required for an emergency exit.

◆Guests requiring supervising companions
- Guests that may experience difficulty following emergency procedures
- Guests with impaired vision

◆Guests who should not use the attraction
Persons with any of the following conditions: (1) convulsions or spasms, or (2) hypersensitivity to noise.