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PARK New Area “Universal Wonderland” To Be Opened
on Friday, March 16, 2012
December 16, 2011 Click
Universal Studios Japan® NEWS RELEASE
New Area “Universal Wonderland” To Be Opened
on Friday, March 16, 2012
A total of 28 facilities in the cute and colorful new area featuring popular characters
All family members from small children to adults can have super fun all day long!
December 16(FRI), 2011
Universal Studios Japan announces that it is determined that the new area “Universal Wonderland,” which is home to a total of 28 facilities including attractions, shops and restaurants, will be opened on Friday, March 16, 2012. In the new area our guests - from children to adults - can have super fun all day long.
The Universal Wonderland (total floor area: approx. 30,000 m2) will be home to attractions, including those which children and adults can enjoy together like The Flying Snoopy (see the center of the Entrance Image) and Elmo's Bubble Bubble, as well as children-only ride attractions such as Elmo's Little Drive and Sesame's Big Drive.
At Hello Kitty's Ribbon Collection, Hello Kitty welcomes guests as VIPs and extends you warm hospitality, preparing a special time and space for you. At this attraction, not only children but adults can also enjoy the stirring experience of being a child again. Zones of respective characters are home to a variety of athletic facilities and playlands that enable children to move their bodies to their hearts’ content. Beside such playlands, benches and photo shooting spaces will be installed so that guests can take a rest in a relaxing mood while watching or taking photos of their children playing.
Moreover, at restaurants in each zone, guests can savor snacks such as apple fries, standard and popular sweets in the U.S., adorable-looking cupcakes, and Cookie Monster Chief's homemade Sandwiches. Guests can enjoy shopping with their children at shops offering goods featuring popular characters. We hope that many guests will be able to enjoy a great time with their families at Universal Wonderland and create valuable memories.
Universal Studios Japan is currently holding a seasonal event, “Universal Wonder Christmas,” every day until January 9, 2012 (national holiday), excluding December 31, 2011. The Christmas tree, recognized as the world’s No.1 in the Guinness Book of World Records*, floats on the lake located in the center of the Park. Many guests admire or take photos of the breathtakingly beautiful sight every day.
In the evening guests can enjoy the night fantasy Lagoon show “Forever Love Christmas” on the floating stage with the brilliant world No. 1 Christmas tree in its center. In the daytime, guests can have fun with the joyful Christmas show “Happy Snow Party.” Moreover, Santa Claus, officially certified by the government of Lapland province of Finland, has been residing at the Park during the Christmas event period.
* The world’s No. 1 in terms of the number of Christmas illuminations decorated on an artificial Christmas tree based on a fir or pine tree design
During its 10th anniversary event period, Universal Studios Japan will offer guests the happiest feelings and wonderment beyond anything they have ever experienced or imagined, helping create for them delightful and unforgettable memories.
Universal Wonderland Facilities
*Snoopy Studios™ Zone
Concept: Movie studios where the movie director Snoopy shoots movies together with guests.
Name Type Features
The Flying Snoopy* Ride Attraction Fly in the sky with Snoopy! Operate flying Snoopy by yourself to fly around the Peanuts characters. Fly high, low, and high again; enjoy a floating feeling as if you were above the clouds.
Snoopy’s Great Race™(existing) Ride Attraction Run around the course on a roller coaster created based on the Soap Box Derby. Pass over the hill, rush through the course watching a snowy mountain, and rush into a cabin. Snoopy makes a film of your adventure, with help from his assistant, Woodstock.
Peppermint Patty’s Stunt Slide™(existing) Ride Attraction Play the role of Peppermint Patty, who is a good athlete like a professional baseball player and now trying to perform a stunt in her movie in which she's the main character. Slide down the tube-shaped water slide on a raft.
Snoopy's Sound Stage Adventure™(existing) Playland An indoor attraction simulating a movie studio where Snoopy and Peanuts characters make movies. There are Lucy’s Preview Theatre, Schroeder’s Sound Studio, Sally’s Art Department, Spike’s Western Set, and Charlie Brown’s neighborhood. Guests from small children to adults can enjoy a variety of experiences with Snoopy and his friends while helping them create a movie.
Snoopy™'s Backlot Café (existing) Restaurant A café featuring Snoopy and his friends, who are loved by people all over the world. Immerse yourself in the world of Peanuts while you enjoy tasting foods and watching illustrations of Peanuts characters.
Snoopy Studios Store(existing) Shop A wide array of original goods featuring Snoopy and Peanuts characters await you at Snoopy Studios Store.
*The Flying Snoopy is a new attraction that will open concurrently with the opening of the Universal Wonderland.
*Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue Zone
Concept: A ribbon-themed boutique opened by Hello Kitty, who has just returned from Hollywood and loves ribbons very much.
Name Type Features
Hello Kitty's Cupcake Dream Ride Attraction You are invited to Hello Kitty's cake party. Which cake would you choose from a wide array of colorful cupcakes? Cups rotate to the music. You'll have more fun when you turn the steering wheel.
Hello Kitty's Ribbon Collection Meet & Greet Slide Hello Kitty opened her boutique to receive prestigious guests. Look at the latest fashion items she has designed. Then wear the same ribbons as Hello Kitty to take commemorative photos with her in a private room!
Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Shop Restaurant A wide array of colorful stick-type cupcakes, Hello Kitty's favorite! Choose your favorites from these cakes that you can easily eat in one hand.
Hello Kitty’s Apple Fries Food Cart Taste nouvelle sweets made with apples, Hello Kitty's favorite fruit! Why not try the freshly fried apple dipped with lots of special sauce?
Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Boutique Shop Hello Kitty's ribbon-themed shop filled with dazzling fancy items!
*Sesame Street™ Fun World Zone
This zone shares the largest space in the Universal Wonderland and is divided into one indoor area and two outdoor areas.
Sesame Street™ Plaza (outdoors)
Name Type Features
Big Bird’s Big Top Circus Ride Attraction Rotate elegantly on the back of animals that are stars of Big Bird's circus. Enjoy feeling as if you were a member of the circus!
Elmo's Little Drive Ride Attraction Children can enjoy driving slowly on the small circuit course in a car illustrated with Elmo's pretty face. Even 3-year-old children can fully enjoy driving in the car.
Sesame Street™ Kids Store Shop Mainly targeting kids, this shop offers toys and many other Sesame Street™-related goods that will excite small children!
Elmo's Imagination Playland (indoors)
Name Type Features
Elmo's Bubble Bubble Ride Attraction Ride on the back of Dorothy, Elmo's pet goldfish, and enjoy traveling through the bubble-filled stream. On your way you will be immersed in soap bubbles made by Elmo and feel like you were traveling through real bubbles.
Bert and Ernie's Wonder – The Sea Ball Pool, Slide Swim in a ball pool filled with lots and lots of balls. Move your body to the fullest extent.
Grover's Construction Company Playland Use large blocks to build a castle, train or anything you want by using your rich imagination.
Big Bird's Big Nest Athletics A huge net-shaped jungle gym that looks like Big Bird's nest. Move your body freely by going up and down the jungle gym any way you like.
Moppy's Lucky Dance Party Dance Enjoy dancing to happy music with a DJ. Dance hard and you will get a small present at the end.
Abby's Magical Party Playland A playland where small children can fully play, freely moving their body in the magical, mysterious space.
Cookie Monster Kitchen Restaurant See Cookie Monster the big eater's kitchen. Many adorable menu items are available like Cookie Monster chef's sandwiches and cookies.
Sesame Central Park (outdoors)
Name Type Features
Sesame's Big Drive Ride Attraction (available for children only) A ride attraction mainly targeting elementary school students. Guests can enjoy driving in a car featuring Sesame Street™ characters the way they want on a driving course that simulates the real Central Park in New York City.
Big Bird's Climbing Nest Jungle gym Have fun on the Big Bird-themed jungle gym. Move your body freely and climb up and down!
Abby's Magical Tree Jungle gym Climb up and down the jungle gym in the hollow of a tree. What can you see from the top of the jungle gym!?
Abby's Magical Garden Playland Play inside curiously-shaped vegetables and fruit that were made by mistake by Abby's magic.
Water Garden (provisional name) Water play Play in the rhythmical spring water of a fountain and small waterfall!
Cookie Monster Slide Slide A huge slide in the shape of Cookie Monster. Slide down from the big mouth of Cookie Monster.
Ernie's Rubber Duckie Race Water play Float a rubber duck (Rubber Duckie, Ernie's favorite) into the stream.
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