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Park Universal Studios Japan® in its 10th Year
Full of “Happy Surprises!”
of the Largest and Highest Level in Park History
October 04, 2010 Click
Universal Studios Japan® in its 10th Year
Full of “Happy Surprises!”
of the Largest and Highest Level in Park History
Launching special entertainment “Dreams Are Universal,”
as well as exciting and exhilarating seasonal events, during the“10th year”
based on the theme of happy surprises beyond expectation and imagination
October 4 (MON), 2010
Universal Studios Japan will celebrate its 10th anniversary since Park opening on March 31 (Thursday), 2011 thanks to the continuous support of guests. As such, world-class entertainment full of celebration commensurate with the 10th anniversary will be delivered one after another based on the theme of “Happy Surprises of the Largest and Highest Level in Park History!” during the period from March 3 (Thursday), 2011 to April 8 (Sunday), 2012 (period is yet to be finalized).
Happy Surprises! One After Another!
The Park during the 10th year period will have popular characters, entertainers and crew springing a stream of unpredictable “Surprises” all over the Park. Programs full of “Happy Surprises,” such as a musical suddenly starting where guests least expect, a dinosaur creeping up alongside guests all of a sudden or an optical illusion artwork startling guests, will be launched at the Park. Guests are sure to find themselves breaking out in a huge grin from the developments that go beyond the imagination.*Please note that the above program content is subject to change.

Marking the grand opening of the 10th year will be a special entertainment commemorating the 10th anniversary called “Dreams Are Universal.” An outdoor show that will be the largest in Park history, a special stage will be installed outdoors in the Park’s New York Area in the motif of the Park’s “Universal Globe” symbol, on which Elmo, Snoopy, Hello Kitty and other popular Park characters, along with approximately 90 entertainers, will join forces in performing a heartwarming story about fulfilling a family’s dream. This “Dreams Are Universal” is scheduled to show for a limited period only from March 3, 2011 to January 9, 2012.

In addition to “Dreams Are Universal,” the Park in its 10th year is scheduled to hold seasonal events throughout the year. Even annual seasonal events – the extremely cool summer event (from July 7, 2011 to August 31, 2011), the exciting Halloween event (from early September 2011 to early November 2011), the Christmas event in a new 10th anniversary commemorative version (from early November 2011 to early January 2012) and the countdown event celebrating the new year in grand style – will be enhanced to be full of “Happy Surprises.” Moreover, the ultimate celebratory program for culminating the finale of the 10th year is currently in planning for spring 2012.*Please note that the above schedule is subject to change.

Furthermore, several programs and promotions of “Happy Surprises” to boost the 10th anniversary in and out of the Park are currently in planning. The details will be announced once they are finalized. One of these will be “WE ARE USJ,” a social media platform scheduled to be launched in October 2010 for internal and external members, as well as fans, to communicate Park information and the Park through such means as an official Twitter account or blog. A 10th anniversary special site will also be launched within the official website in late January 2011 to deliver the latest information.

Universal Studios Japan in its 10th year will provide absolute happiness and sensations beyond the pre-established harmony, unlike any ever experienced before, to strengthen emotional connections with guests in its quest to become a park that is loved even more.
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