Universal Express™ Pass, Waiting time is shortened by admission through the private entrance.
Child Switch, Those accompanying children can board The Ride one person at a time in turn.
The special filming technology of Hollywood created this first-ever 3D cyber adventure. A battle for the future between the human race and the cyborgs they spawned. The realistic 3D images unfold right before your very eyes. Characters from the movie suddenly appear on stage. You will experience the moment at which the border between images and reality becomes blurred. That is the unique 3D cyber experience. Making your way through a shower of exploding plasma, experience a genuine cyber battle. Sponsored by:NEC Corporation.
  • Special Effects
  • Flashes, smoke, loud noises, seat movement

  • User's Guide
  • A crew member will give you instructions for an emergency exit.
    Assistance by guardian(※) may be required for an emergency exit.

  • Guests requiring a guardian(※)
  • - Guests that may experience difficulty following emergency procedures
    - Guests with vision disabilities

  • Guests using a wheelchair
  • ou can enter the attraction in a standard wheelchair or motorized wheelchair.
    Up to 4 wheelchairs can be accommodated per show.
    A crew member will usher you to a designated spot.

  • Guests who cannot use the attraction
  • Persons afflicted with any of the following: (1) adverse heart conditions, (2) problems in the neck, back and/or waist, (3) respiratory diseases, (4) convulsions or spasms, (5) claustrophobia, (6) hypersensitivity to noises, and (7) guests who cannot sit down unassisted. Also, (8) pregnant women and (9) newborn babies may not use the ride.

  • Guests with service animals (guide dog, hearing dog and service dog for the disabled)
  • You can enjoy the attraction with your service animal.<br>
    However, your service animal may be startled by the loud noises from this attraction.<br>
    Please check details and notes for the attraction before use.