Height Requirement, Can be ridden only by those at least 132cms tall.
  Universal Express™ Pass, Waiting time is shortened by admission through the private entrance.
  Single Rider, Single riders are seated in empty seats first.
  Child Switch, Those accompanying children can board The Ride one person at a time in turn.
This ride starts the moment you select your favorite BGM music. Catapult off to the Hollywood skies… The speed of a jet-coaster soaring through the air enraptures you with excitement. The exhilaration of flying through the sky defying gravity… Looking up from the ground, it is like a shooting star racing through the sky. The first jet-coaster of Universal Studios Japan™ is a dream attraction named 'Hollywood Dream'.
Hollywood Dream - The Rid -Backdrop
  • Operation may be suspended due to adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, low temperature, thunder and lighting, etc.
  • Special Effects
  • Bright flashes, loud noises, quick movements, rapid acceleration, abrupt falls, sudden upturns, wild turns, abrupt stops

  • User's Guide
  • In an emergency situation you may need to climb up stairs or walk a long distance through a narrow passage by yourself or with your guardian's assistance (※).
    Also, in such a circumstance you may need to wait for a long period of time inside the facility.

  • Guests requiring a guardian(※)
  • - Guests using a wheelchair who can walk by themselves
    - Guests with vision disabilities
    - Guests with mental disabilities
    - Guests experiencing difficulty using stairs or climbing onto the ride

  • Guests using a wheelchair
  • You can use the ride with your own wheelchair. (Restrictions may apply according to the size of wheelchair.) Also, you may use the ride by moving to a general seat unassisted or with the help of your guardian. If using the ride with your own wheelchair, you will be ushered to an area where the wheelchair can endure the rapid movements of boat. Please note that this ride cannot be used with a motorized wheelchair. If you cannot use your own wheelchair please use a wheelchair provided by Universal Studios.

  • Height Requirement
  • You must be at least 132cms tall.

  • Guests using a wheelchair
  • Please note that this ride cannot be used with either a standard wheelchair or a motorized wheelchair. This ride can be used only by guests who can walk to general seats and climb up stairs unassisted and who satisfy the safety requirements.
    You must leave the wheelchair on the 1st level and move to the platform on the 2nd level.

  • Guests who cannot use the attraction
  • Guests who (1) are not at least 52 inches in height, (2) have a physical size or shape not suitable for the seats, and (3) guests who cannot be secured in position by the safety bar/harness.Additionally, persons afflicted with any of the following: (4) heart conditions, (5) blood pressure abnormalities, (6) problems in the neck, back and/or waist, and (7) spinal diseases.<br>Also, (8) pregnant women, (9) newborn babies, (10) guests experiencing difficulty walking alone, (11) guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs, (12) guests under treatment for a bone fracture, (13) guests wearing casts, and (14) guests wearing unfixed aids or artificial organs may not use the ride.
    The following guests are asked to consult the attraction crew.
    Guests with acrophobia (fear of heights), nyctophobia (fear of darkness) or claustrophobia
    Guests with hypersensitivity to sudden/loud noises or flashes, etc.
    Guests suffering from respiratory diseases or symptoms such as dizziness, etc.
    Guests wearing an artificial limb
    Guests with physical disabilities
    Guests suffering from motion sickness
    Guests suffering from lack of sleep or poor physical condition
    The following guests can use the attraction.
    Guests who can mount the seat or get off from the ride unassisted (wheelchairs cannot be taken next to roller coaster cars)
    Guests who can grab onto the safety bar and remain upright at all times
    Guests who can endure the violent movements of roller coasters
    Guests with vision disabilities are assisted with reconfirmation of instructions by the crew.dog, hearing dog and service dog for the disabled)

  • Guests with service animals (guide dog, hearing dog and service dog for the disabled)
  • For your safety, service animals are not admitted.
    Service animals will be placed in a waiting area while guests enjoy the ride.