A town featuring popular characters where you can have fun all day long! Universal Wonderland

Sesame Street ™ Fun World/Snoopy Studios ™ /Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue

Yoyakunori  (RIDE  Reservation) | Yoyakunori is a reservation system that allows you to have fun even during your attraction waiting time. 
Everybody's full of smiles, because they get to enjoy the park more instead of waiting in line! 
The excitement grows even bigger! Enjoy the park more with ’Yoyakunori’!
Look for  mark to find participating attractions

The Flying Snoopy enjoy a floating feeling as if you were above the clouds.

Snoopy Studios™

Movie studios where the movie director Snoopy shoots movies together with guests.

Snoopy's Great Race/Ride Attraction Run around the course on a roller coaster created based on the Soap Box Derby. Have lots of fun with Snoopy and his friends at movie studios and a restaurant. Snoopy's Sound Stage Adventure Snoopy's Backlot Café Snoopy Studios Store

Hello Kitty's Cupcake Dream/Ride Attraction You are invited to Hello Kitty's cake party. Which cake would you choose from a wide array of colorful cupcakes?

Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue


Hello Kitty's Ribbon Collection/Hello Kitty opened her boutique to receive prestigious guests.  Nouvelle sweets made with apples, Hello Kitty's favorite fruit, and plenty of dazzling ribbon-themed fancy items! Hello Kitty's Cupcake Shop Hello Kitty's Apple Fries Hello Kitty's Ribbon Boutique

Sesame Street™Fun World

This zone shares the largest space in the Universal Wonderland 
and is divided into one indoor area and two outdoor areas.

Sesame Street Plaza(outdoors)Elmo's Little Drive/Big Bird's Big Top Circus/Sesame Street Kids Store

Sesame Street Plaza(outdoors)Sesame's BIG DRIVE/Guests can enjoy driving in a car featuring Sesame Street characters the way they want on a driving course that simulates the real Central Park in New York City.  Big Bird's Climbing Nest/Have fun on the Big Bird-themed jungle gym.Move your body freely andclimb up and down! Abby's Magical Tree Abby's Magical Garden Water Garden Cookie Monster Slide Ernie's Rubber Duckie Race

Elmo's Bubble Bubble Ride Attraction Ride on the back of Dorothy, Elmo's pet goldfish, and enjoy traveling through the bubble-filled stream.

Elmo's Imagination Playland  Big Bird's Big Nest/A huge net-shaped jungle gymthat looks like Big Bird's nest.Move your body freely by going up and down the jungle gym any way you like. Cookie Monster Kitchen Moppy's Lucky Dance Party Bert and Ernie's Wonder – The Sea/Swim in a ball pool filled with lots and lots of balls. Grover's Construction Company /Use large blocks to build a castle, train or anything you want by using your rich imagination. Abby's Magical Party

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